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13 Seater Mini Bus (Toyota Hiace)

1 Way Transfer / Departure - $70
2 Way Transfer - $140
Arrival - $80
Hourly booking(3 Hours) - $65/Hr
Hourly booking(8 Hours) - $60/Hr

Hiring a 13 Seater Maxicab or Mini Bus Has Never Been Easier

It is becoming increasingly common to travel in a 13-seater mini bus mainly because it can seamlessly accommodate a lot of passengers on board. Other than this, it also makes sure traveling to and from destinations in Singapore occurs in a much more convenient and cost-effective manner. If you are looking for a minibus to accommodate a large group of individuals traveling together, then you can find the perfect one with us at Astro Maxicab Singapore.

Whether you are looking to go on a city tour or need a spacious vehicle that can easily accommodate an ample amount of luggage, you can know for sure that with the help of a minibus charter, we cater to all your requirements to make your ride a smooth one.


How a minibus can be the ideal mode of transport

The most obvious reason why people go in for a 13-seater maxicab or minibus in the first place is because of its ability to accommodate and transport more people than the average car. This is why; it is a popular alternative for corporate organizations, large families as well as student excursions. These vehicles also assure you of safe and quality rides. All of the passengers have a seatbelt which can prove to be a blessing for young children and toddlers in a spacious vehicle of such a kind.

The maxi cab 13-seater and minibus can also accommodate your luggage without making seating arrangements uncomfortable. This works in favor of families that need airport transfers, want help moving bulky items when shifting homes or need corporate assistance in moving items for company events. The 13-seater mini bus also proves to be handy and is a frequently booked vehicle for staff transportation and weddings. It proves to be the fastest, safest and most child-friend mode of transportation that can seamlessly fall in line with your budget.


For more information contact us

With us, at Astro Maxicab Singapore, you can be certain that the minibus charter is going to pick you up from a place you have specified without any kind of fuss. You can be sure of efficiency, cost-effectiveness, convenience, and safety when you get in touch with our services. Our maintenance policy minimizes the chances of breakdown while our vehicles are kept in pristine conditions at all times. All of our professionals and chauffeurs are well experienced, come with prior knowledge of the roads and are friendly in nature. You can so know for sure that as long as you have a 13-seater maxicab at your beck and call, you will not need to find a big taxi anywhere in Singapore.

To carry out a maxi cab 13-seater service booking, all you have to do is head to our website and fill out a form specifying your name, contact details, and information about your transport schedule. If you have queries, get in touch with us. You can know that all of them are cleared so you can ride uninhibitedly through the streets of Singapore in the best and most economical way possible.